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Season 3 : Trailblazers

MTB HEROES returns for a new season : Trailblazers, with 10 new episodes !

In the most beautiful places around the world, from the most isolated mountains of Alaska, trough the desert of Argentina, we will take you one more time to meet the best MTB Athletes. You will meet them where they live, where their stories started. They will show us their favorite spots and take us around the most beautiful trails, where they’ve always wanted to go. Each new episode is an opportunity to discover the world and the local cultures. It’s an immersive experience with both entertaining and educational values. This new season was shot in 4K UltraHD – HDR (high dynamic range) and high frame rates (50 frames per second) using the most advanced technology, to do not only offer the best image quality but drive you even closer to the stories, the people, the landscapes. An epic cinematography and captivating adventures that will immerse you with the best mountain bike riders on the planet.

Starring: Mike Hopkins, Jonathan Maunsell, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson, Bernado Cruz, Tom and Bas Van Steenbergen, Casey Brown, Rob Heran, Cesar Rojor, Nick Pescetto and Sven Martin.

Locations: Madagascar, Norway, Alaska, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Bali, New Zealand.

This new season is available worldwide exclusively on InsightTV on TVs, Phones, Tablets and PCs.

You can watch this series in UltraHD 4K – HDR 50fps – on Smart TVs .


EP 1 – Mike Hopkins

EP 2 – Jonathan Maunsell

EP 3 – Dylan Dunkerton & Curtis Robinson

EP 4 – Bernardo Cruz

EP 5 – Tom & Bas Van Steenbergen

EP 6 – Casey Brown

EP 7 – Rob Heran

EP 8 – Cesar Rojo

EP 9 – Nick Pescetto

EP 10 – Sven Martin