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MTB HEROES is a documentary series dedicated to mountain biking, introducing the main actors of the community and the dedication that goes into making a lifestyle out of riding a bike. You will follow them in their daily lives and learn more about your favorite riders.

This teaser is available in 4K.

MTB HEROES concept

Sometimes you meet extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives for a job. These people are riders, product manufacturers, designers, bike patrols or event managers and all of them transform this work into passion.

MTB HEROES will follow them and share these stories, emotions, passion, action… You will have the opportunity to have a look in the daily live of the best riders of the planet.
This documentary series is a mix of aesthetics, action and true stories, dedicated to mountain bike.

The SEASON 1 was produced in 2013 and consists of 6 episodes. All informations on this website.

The SEASON 2 was produced in 2015 and consists of 13 episodes. All informations on this website.

The SEASON 3 (Trailblazers) was produced in 2016 for InsightTV and consists of 10 episodes. All informations on this website.

MTB HEROES is produced by FASTFOKUS.