EP 1 – Szymon Godziek

We head to Poland to meet top slopestyle rider Szymon Godziek...

EP 2 – Tito Tomasi

Tito travels the world with his bike ...

EP 3 – Hutchinson Tires

We will be taking a look at the manufacturing process of Mountain bike tires...

EP 4 – Antoine Bizet & Kelly McGarry

We head to New Zealand to spend some time with Antoine Bizet and Kelly McGarry.

EP 5 – Megavalanche

Megavalanche is one of the most legendary MTB races in the world.

EP 6 – Jackson Goldstone

At 11yo, Jackson Goldstone is a talented kid and the future of MTB.

EP 7 – René Wildhaber

René Wildhaber is known to be the best downhill marathon rider.

EP 8 – Ted Tempany

Ted is a renowned trail builder from Squamish, Canada.

EP 9 – Timo Pritzel

Timo is one of the first DirtJumper to become professional.

EP 10 – Brett Tippie

Full of energy, Brett is named « director of good times »...